The budget of 2023-2024 is to keep Gujarat at the forefront during this Amrit Kaal under the leadership of Prime Minister :- Guj CM

With an increase of 23 percent compared to the previous year’s budget ,This year’s budget is the biggest ever budget given by Gujarat with an aim to transform self-reliant Gujarat to self-reliant India:- Shri Bhupendra

The Chief Minister termed the budget presented by the Finance Minister in the Legislative Assembly as a people-centric budget with no new taxes to be levied

Chief Minister:-

  • A budget that focuses on five pillars to give a new impetus to the rapid development of the state
  • A budget indicative of inclusive and comprehensive of all-round development
  • The aim of making the development of the state Amrit in this Amrit Kaal of the nation
  • Index-A will be established to promote entrepreneurship in agriculture sector


Gandhinagar, Friday: Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel has termed the budget of Gujarat for the year 2023-2024 as a budget to keep Gujarat at the forefront in development during this Amrit Kaal of the country under the leadership of Prime
Minister Narendra Modi.

The Chief Minister welcomed the budget presented by Finance Minister Shri Kanu Desai for the second consecutive time in the Legislative Assembly as a people-centric budget without any new taxes being levied.

91 percent increase in capital expenditure provision compared to the previous year which will be a landmark in the development journey of the state.

He lauded this budget as the biggest ever budget of the state, which will fulfill the aim of transforming self-reliant Gujarat to self-reliant India.

In this context the Chief Minister said that, There is an increase of 23 percent in the current year’s budget compared to the previous year’s budget.

Chief Minister further said, Gujarat has become the country’s growth engine and development role model for more than two decades under the leadership and guidance of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. He also added that this year’s budget is mainly
focused on the five pillars with the aim of further accelerating this continuous development journey.

Throwing light on these five pillars, the Chief Minister said, Building world-class infrastructure to enhance human resource development, public well-being and economic prosperity with the benefit of basic amenities and social security to the poor
needy sections of the society, balanced development, giving importance to new employment through agriculture, industry and services and especially tourism; Green Growth-Environmental development are the things covered in the budget.

Chief Minister Shramik Basera Yojana has been launched for the purpose of welfare of the workers by giving importance to social security to provide accommodation to the workers to the nearby place of work. Not only that but Shri Bhupendra Patel
also said that self-employment opportunities will be created by giving various incentives to artisans involved in different types of construction work.

He said that the new provision of family identity card to every family is an important aspect of the budget so that various welfare schemes of social security can reach the needy families better.

Chief Minister Adijati Sarvangi Utkarsh Yojana has also been launched for the overall development of Kotwalia, Koldha and Kathodi tribes etc. Chief Minister further said that the insurance limit per family of the Prime Minister’s Jan Arogya Yojana
has been increased to 10 lakhs per year for health protection of poor and needy middle class families.

With the aim of making Gujarat wholesome, with a World Bank loan of 4200 crore rupees, the ‘SRESTHA Gujarat’ multi-dimensional health-oriented plan will be implemented in the next five years.

Giving holistic importance to education along with health and social security, a provision of Rs. 43,565 crore has been made for education in this budget.

The Chief Minister also welcomed the announcement made in the current budget to establish new medical colleges in tribal areas like Aravalli, Mahisagar, Chhota Udepur and Dang.

With the successful efforts of the Prime Minister this year being celebrated as the International Year of Millets worldwide, Millet will be included as an integral part of the diet in mid-day meals for Anganwadi and school children in order to provide
them nutritious, pure and healthy food.

Apart from this, we are going to take the initiative to distribute food from reasonable price shops. He further informed.

Praising Matrushakti, a provision of 6 thousand crore have been made for girls to provide health and social security services. Moreover Chief Minister also gave the details that five lakh crore rupees will be spend in the next five years for the
development of world class infrastructure to keep Gujarat as a leader in development in this Amrit Kaal.

The budget also aims to extend fiber network for internet connectivity to rural households and also aims to increase Gujarat’s renewable energy consumption to 42 percent by 2023, realizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clean-green energy vision.
He said.

He gave details of extending the Swarnim Jayanti Mukhya Mantri Shaheri Vikas Yojana till 2024 with a provision of 8,086 crore along with an increase of 37 percent for infrastructure facilities in urban areas.

A provision of Rs. 20,642 crores has been made in this budget for various works to improve the roads, roads, highways etc. of the state. He said that with the development of five high-speed corridors in the state at a cost of Rs. 1500 crore, the
‘Parikrama Path’ scheme will be started in three years to connect the villages of the border areas and for 100 percent connectivity.

Excess water from Narmada has reached Mod Kuba, a village in Kutch. Rs. 1970 crores have been allocated for a pipeline so that water of Narmada can be made to reach more areas of Kutch. A provision of Rs. 2,193 crore has been made to accelerate
the emerging sectors of health, education, tribal development, agriculture and rural development as well as science and technology, which is 227 percent more than previous year. He said.

Rs. 21605 crore rupees have been allocated to the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare to make farmers and agriculture more prosperous., Rs. 200 crore have been allocated to promote natural farming. He also appreciated that Index-A would
be set up to promote entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector.

A provision of Rs. 8,278 crore has been made for electricity connection to farmers and provision of electricity at subsidized rates.

Moreover a provision of Rs. 1500 crore have been made for installing drip and sprinkler for farmers to promote drip irrigation for green growth as advocated by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Giving details of the provision made in this budget to spend two lakh crore for green growth in Gujarat in the next five years, he called the budget of Gujarat 2023-24 presented today as an all-inclusive and all-round development budget.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat

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