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Rosh: An Exhilarating Story of Secret and Tension

In the event that you are searching for a film that will keep you as eager and anxious as can be, then, at that point, you ought to watch Rosh, an impending Hindi wrongdoing thrill ride film featuring Mimoh Chakraborty, Nikita Soni, Alina Rai and Yesh Raj. Rosh is coordinated by Jayveer Panghaal, who additionally composed the story, screenplay and exchanges. The music is formed by Monty Sharma and the cinematography is finished by Abhay Anand.

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Rosh is an account of a conflict where it becomes hard to separate between the legend and the bad guy, great and fiendishness. Returning from a party, Ronika (Nikita Soni), Alina (Alina Rai) and Rajat (Mimoh Chakraborty) are engaged with a mishap that makes a huge difference. They hit a conveyance kid out and about and he passes on the spot. After some time, the doorbell rings and a harmed conveyance kid named Ganesh (Yesh Raj) goes into their home expressing he is late on the grounds that somebody hit him out and about by a vehicle and rush beginnings. There are many layers of secret among Ganesh and Rajat, who is a financial specialist. As situation transpire, the story turns out to be significantly more secretive and the line among good and bad becomes obscured for the hero and the main adversary.

Rosh Movie Download free

Rosh Movie Download free

Rosh is booked to deliver on May 1, 2023 in India. It is created by Amrut Lal Soni and Jayveer Panghaal under the flag of Mates Diversion and Shivan Music. The film has a runtime of 113 minutes and is evaluated U/A by the control load up.

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Rosh is a grasping thrill ride that keeps you as eager and anxious as ever beginning to end. The story unfurls with a mishap that prompts a progression of puzzling occasions, obscuring the line among legend and antagonist. Mimoh Chakraborty conveys a champion exhibition as Rajat, while Nikita Soni, Alina Rai, and Yesh Raj add profundity to their characters. Chief Jayveer Panghaal’s narrating keeps you speculating, and the cinematography by Abhay Anand makes a strained air. Rosh is a must-look for devotees of wrongdoing spine chillers, offering an exhilarating ride loaded up with secret and tension.

Rosh is an arresting story of interest and vagueness that will leave you enamored. The film investigates the intricacies of good and bad, obscuring the limits between the hero and the main bad guy. Mimoh Chakraborty conveys a nuanced execution, carrying profundity to his personality. Chief Jayveer Panghaal’s bearing keeps you snared, while the music by Monty Sharma sets the temperament impeccably. With its dramatic storyline and top notch turns, Rosh is an unquestionable requirement for fanatics of wrongdoing thrill rides who partake in a provocative story.


Rosh takes you on an exhilarating rollercoaster ride of tension and secret. The holding plot keeps you connected as layers of interest unfurl. Mimoh Chakraborty’s exhibition as Rajat is honorable, displaying his adaptability as an entertainer. Chief Jayveer Panghaal’s vision and narrating abilities radiate through, making a strained and barometrical experience. The cinematography by Abhay Anand adds to the film’s general effect. Rosh is a must-look for the individuals who appreciate wrongdoing thrill rides with a convincing story and surprising turns.


Q1: Who are the lead entertainers of Rosh?

A: The lead entertainers of Rosh are Mimoh Chakraborty as Rajat Khanna, Nikita Soni as Ronika Singh, Alina Rai as Alina Rai and Yesh Raj as Ganesh Sharma.

Q2: Who is the overseer of Rosh?

A: The head of Rosh is Jayveer Panghaal, who likewise composed the story, screenplay and exchanges.

Q3: What is the class of Rosh?

A: Rosh is a wrongdoing spine chiller film with components of tension and activity.

Q4: When is Rosh delivering?

A: Rosh is delivering on May 1, 2023 in India.

Q5: What is the spending plan of Rosh?

A: The financial plan of Rosh is assessed to associate with 50 crore rupees.


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