CM launches Panchayati Raj Information and Management System-PARINAM portal

One-day seminar of District Panchayat Presidents -office-bearers of the State with the theme “Amrutkaalma Swarnim Bhavishya Taraf”

CM’s innovative approach- obtained details of local problems and provided guidance for in field operations and administrative matters through direct interaction with office bearers
CM’s call to give a new pace to the development works with the smooth coordination of office bearers -officials

Gandhinagar, Friday: Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel addressed “Amrutkaalma Swarnim Bhavisya Taraf” a one day seminar organized by the Panchayat Department of the state for the presidents, vice presidents and executive committee chairman of the
district panchayats in Gandhinagar. He made a motivational call to give a new pace to the development works with the mutual smooth coordination of the office bearers of the District Panchayats and the Panchayat officers of the state. Before planning developmental
works of the district at the district panchayat level, proper coordination should be ensured to make the office bearers participate in the list of development works.

As an innovative approach CM made this seminar an interactive dialogue with participating District Panchayat Presidents, Vice Presidents and Executive Presidents rather than only addressing. He obtained detailed information about their performance,
incentives from the state government, local issues arising at the field level – administrative matters from the office bearers of around 10 districts through questioning.

The Chief Minister requested the office-bearers to make full use of the funds through long-term planning of development works.

In the inaugural of the seminar CM e-launched the ‘Panchayati Raj Information and Management System’ (PARINAM) portal through the Panchayat Department to make Panchayati Raj more robust and efficient.

Through this PARINAM portal, there will be direct paperless communication with the state government from the taluka level, a centralized system will enable real-time monitoring and management of intra-district transfers, promotions and other schemes
of employees. Not only this, by linking PARINAM with e-Sarkar in future, the Panchayat Department and the State Government will move towards becoming completely transparent and paperless.

Panchayat State Minister Shri Bachubhai Khabad guided the officials present to be the facilitators of conveying the benefit of the state-centre schemes to the people.

Additional Chief Secretary Shri. Manojkumar Das made suggestions to prepare a master plan according to the needs of the people of each district having a ‘Bottom Up’ approach and in accordance with the Sustainable Goals of UNDP.

In this one-day seminar, information was given about District Panchayat Development Plan, Taluka Panchayat Development Plan, self-fund augmentation efforts of District Panchayat, financial discipline and well-organized planning of finances and contribution
of Panchayat Department in the field of IT.

Panchayat Parishad President Smt. Nayanaben Patel delivered vote of thanks.

Panchayat-Village Development Principal Secretary Shri. Milind Torawane, Development Commissioner Shri. Sandeep Kumar and senior officials joined the seminar.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat

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