Chief Minister releases the book ‘The Hearing Tales’:- Also interacts with cochlear implanted children

World Hearing Day

So far 2800 children in Gujarat have acquired hearing through free operation of cochlear implant for congenitally deaf-dumb children

Cochlear Implant Center of Gandhinagar Civil Hospital successfully completes 1600 surgeries

Neeraj Suri’s book ‘The Hearing Tales’ depicts the successful stories of congenitally deaf-dumb children having acquired the power of hearing for the first time in their lives and the joy of it that has spread in many families


Gandhinagar, Friday: Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel released the book ‘The Hearing Tales’ today on 3rd March which is also celebrated as World Hearing Day. He also had interaction with 10 children who acquired hearing through cochlear implants.

Since 2007, 3rd March is celebrated as World Hearing Day by WHO.

The book ‘The Hearing Tales’ written-edited by Dr. Neeraj Suri who is a Surgeon in Gandhinagar Civil Hospital Cochlear Implant Center. His book talks about children who have heard voice for the first time in life with the free treatment provided by the state

The book also includes responses from the parents of such children and the resulting changes in the family as a whole.
This book which is released on the occasion of World Hearing Day, will create public awareness for early and timely diagnosis, treatment of deafness in the society.

Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel also obtained the details by interacting with speech therapists, doctors and families of children who acquired hearing through cochlear implants who were present for the occasion of book release.

Free Implant Yojana started in the year 2015 by the state government for the bright future of children by removing the congenital deafness and dumbness in the children by birth a cochlear implant center in Gandhinagar Civil Hospital for children below 6 years
of age is functional, and this program is being implemented in the entire state.

From advanced health services to children with hearing loss, this cochlear implant surgery followed by up to 100 sessions of free speech therapy is important to give the child a life like a normal child.

For social, emotional, behavioral speech-development to overall development of children with such hearing loss in the state, the state government will provide treatments costing more than Rs. 5 lakh to each child free of cost.

So far 2750 needy children in the state whose cochlear implant have been done free of charge.

More than 1600 such operations have been done in Civil Hospital of Gandhinagar.Not only that, After the implant is done the child goes home, and for one to two years he visits the civil hospital for rehabilitation and takes follow up.

Under the direction of Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel, the State Health Department has made the New Born Hearing Screening OAE Machine operational in every district.

As a result, such deaf-dumb disease in young and newborn babies can be cured with early diagnosis and advanced treatment.

Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel had an emotional interaction with the ones living a normal child’s life after acquiring hearing with cochlear implant.

The author-editor of the book Dr. Neeraj Suri and Shri Dilip Deshmukh (DADA), the inspiration behind organ donation awareness in the state, also participated on this occasion.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat

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